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Nobody wants to lose a tooth, but sometimes tooth extractions are not only desirable but necessary for your overall health and wellbeing.


What is a tooth extraction?

It is the practice of removing a tooth from the dental alveolus or socket. Normally, this kind of procedure would be carried out by a dentist or another oral/medical professional, and it is actually one of the most common procedures that dentists in Centennial, Colorado, and elsewhere, are tasked to deal with.


When do you require a tooth extraction?

Our permanent adult teeth are supposed, in theory, to last us a lifetime, but as we mentioned above, tooth extractions are really common, so unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

Our dentists, here at Centennial Periodontics & Implants in Centennial, Colorado, will always do our best to keep your teeth, but sometimes that is just not possible and having one or more extractions is the safest option for our patients.

You may require a tooth extraction in the following circumstances:


Tooth damage caused by decay

If you have a really serious case of tooth decay, you may require one or more extractions to take place. If tooth decay works its way into the center of a tooth, which is technically called the pulp, the bacteria can cause a serious infection. Sometimes, when this happens, the tooth can be saved by having your dentist perform a root canal procedure, but when the infection reaches a high level of severity, extracting the tooth is the safest way to stop the spread and save the rest of your mouth.


Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is an infection located in the gums, alveolar bones, periodontal ligaments, and other areas around the teeth. Gingivitis, which you have probably heard of, is the first stage of periodontal disease, starting in the gums. If you catch it at the gingivitis stage, it can be treated and reversed, but if the infection is left to spread and it gets into the alveolar bone and/or periodontal ligaments that’s very serious and you may need one or more extractions to start bringing your mouth back to a good state of health. Periodontal disease can even be life-threatening, so this is one dental issue you really do have to take very seriously.


Impacted or overcrowded teeth

Impacted teeth are teeth that start to push out, but are prevented from fully doing so because the gum has failed to erupt. Often, they don’t cause any problems at all, but they can be painful and they can impact your other teeth, which means your dentist may recommend taking them out.

Overcrowding occurs when there are too many teeth in your mouth, which leads to misalignment. Making a few extractions can free up space in your mouth for your teeth to grow and align correctly, but you will probably need a retainer or aligners to help with this process.


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